Gravity Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Card Brand Fees

Learn how card brand fees, imposed by networks like Visa and Mastercard, affect merchants' costs for processing credit card transactions based on various factors.

Connecting to Wi-Fi on Clover® Point-of-Sale

This article provides step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips for connecting Clover® devices to Wi-Fi networks.

Dispute Manager Information & FAQs

Information and frequently asked questions about Gravity Payments' Dispute Manager, covering its features, usage, and guidelines for handling payment disputes.


Get answers to common questions about device operation, troubleshooting, and end-of-life for products as well as guidance on maintaining connectivity and using EMV technology.

How To: Add or Delete Users in Swipe Simple

Instructions on adding or deleting users in the Swipe Simple platform, facilitating efficient management of user access and permissions.


Explains PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance requirements and guidelines for Gravity Payments' merchants to ensure secure handling of cardholder data.

Surcharging & Cash Discounting

Discusses surcharging and cash discounting practices, including guidelines and regulations that Gravity Payments' merchants should consider when implementing these strategies.

What are NABU Fees?

Outlines NABU (Network Access and Brand Usage) fees, explaining their purpose and how they apply to Gravity Payments' merchants processing card transactions, including strategies for managing these costs effectively.

What are the tax requirements for credit card processing?

Outlines tax requirements related to credit card processing for Gravity Payments' merchants, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

What are your technical support business hours?

Gravity Payments merchants can rely on 24/7 support. Call 866-701-4700 any time.

What is a POS?

Explore the fundamentals of a POS (Point of Sale) system: its functions, benefits, and applications across various industries for efficient transaction management.

What is a Virtual Terminal for Processing Credit Cards?

This article explains the concept and benefits of a virtual terminal, a web-based tool that allows Gravity Payments' merchants to process card payments securely and conveniently without needing physical card readers.

What is Credit Card Interchange?

An overview of credit card interchange fees, detailing the structure and impact of these fees on Gravity Payments' merchants when processing card transactions, along with insights into how these fees are determined and managed.

What is EMV Fallback?

EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) technology is designed to enhance card security. They are small, square computer chips that you see now on nearly every debit, credit and prepaid card. EMV chips are more secure than “swiping” a magnetic strip because of the way the data is transferred through the terminal.  In every instance of an […]

When should I perform reconciliations?

Insights on the timing and importance of performing reconciliations, ensuring accurate financial records and effective management of transactions.

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