Gravity Payments

Gravity Dashboard

What is the Gravity Dashboard?

This tool allows for the viewing of transactions, batches, and to process payments via the included Virtual Terminal. 

  • Dashboard gives a preview of transactions. 
  • The homepage displays averages for transactions, the total of all transactions, transaction count and recent transactions within custom timeframes. 
  • The bottom right portion displays a breakdown of sales by card type. 

This is the default page that shows when logging into dashboard:



“Transactions” provides information on all transactions that have been processed with Gravity. Payments. 

“Summary” offers a high-level overview of sales and returns by card type within a user-defined date range, with totals. 

“Details” itemize each transaction within the user-defined date range. 

Within the left navigation under “Transactions”, there are options for “Gift Card Transactions” and “Summary by Location” and “Net Sales By Day” reports. 

All sections within “Transactions” provides for user-applied filters, and an option to save these filters for future use. 


“Batches” provides a full history of submitted and successfully reported batches. This can be used to match up with POS reports.


“Users” permits business owners to add, edit, and remove user profiles for their business. When adding a new user the user profile is linked to an email address. You can also issue password resets from within this view, and review the status of the email verification. 

Virtual Terminal

Merchants signed up with Gravity Direct are able to process payments from the Gravity Dashboard via the Virtual Terminal. 

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Adjust user preferences and details, including security options such as Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and user password. 

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