Gravity Payments

Simple funding for your business

Quick and simple funding solutions to grow, evolve or sustain your business.

Why Gravity Capital?

No set monthly payments, no compounding interest. Gravity Capital works with your credit card processing to make paying off your balance hassle-free.


Quick funding

When you accept a funding offer, money will be in your account in 3-5 business days.


One flat amount

Repay funding with the ebb and flow of your business.


Worry-free repayment

A percentage of your daily card sales is applied toward your funding balance before you receive your deposit.

How Gravity Capital Works

Step 1


Click the link to complete an application or provide the most recent three months of bank and credit card processing statements.



Step 2


Once your application is submitted, you will be provided with your funding options instantly. You will then be given an option to choose a factor rate and holdback percentage that works for your business.

If your application is missing any documentation or the team has additional questions, we will reach out to you for clarification.



Step 3

Get Funded

Once you’ve chosen a funding option, money can be in your bank account in as little as 48 hours.



Step 4

Worry-Free Repayment

Take cards as usual, and we will automatically collect the agreed percentage and apply it to your balance.



Financing Options

Gravity Capital

Standard Financing
Soft Credit Check

Low cost, flexible, and fast funding for your business that puts you above profit incentives.

Repayment: Adjustable timeline

Gravity Capital Lite

Rapid financing up to $20,000

Gravity merchants are pre-approved for up to 40% of your credit card processing volume, with a $20,000 maximum in funding.

Repayment: Flexible 3 months with a 1.2 factor rate


Coming Soon

Sample Repayment Schedule

Use the chart below for examples on how much of your daily sales go toward repayment based off of different repayment rates.*

Qualified Amount

${{ qualifiedAmount().toLocaleString() }}

9% of sales
toward repayment
11% of sales
toward repayment
14% of sales
toward repayment

*All numbers and information are examples for educational purposes only.

Daily Sales

{{ getDailyRate() }}% of sales toward repayment

${{ gravityCapitalDailyRepayment(1400) }}
${{ gravityCapitalDailyRepayment(850) }}
${{ gravityCapitalDailyRepayment(450) }}
${{ gravityCapitalDailyRepayment(1100) }}
${{ gravityCapitalDailyRepayment(600) }}
No payment
${{ gravityCapitalDailyRepayment(1200) }}
Day 1 $1,400
Day 2 $850
Day 3 $450
Day 4 $1,100
Day 5 $600
Day 6 $0
Day 7 $1,200

*All numbers and information are examples for educational purposes only.

Customer Stories

Nana Ai Katsu

Gravity Capital helped the owners, Mike and Lei, expand from a stall in a marketplace to a standalone location through flexible financing.

Nana Ai Katsu

Love Story by Angela’s Bridal

Gravity Payments' Capital program helped this independent bridal store expand from one location to two after the pandemic.

Love Story

Mr. Camarón Bar & Grill

How Gravity Capital helped Mr. Camarón’s Restaurant stay afloat and grow into three distinct businesses.

Love Story
Hear from a Business Owner

Manhattan Seattle

“The working capital program gives us a little bit of flexibility without leading us into more debt.”

“Gravity Payments’ Working Capital Program provided me the funding I needed to finish a large patio addition. It was great not to have to mess with the process and red tape of a standard bank loan.”

— James S., Pecado Bueno

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