Gravity Payments

Save on payment processing fees with surcharging.

Reduce your fees when accepting credit cards. Book a meeting with your personal Gravity Payments representative to learn exactly how much you can save.

Relieve the Burden of Processing Fees

Offset up to 3% of your payment processing fees related to credit cards (excludes debit cards).

Improve your Margins

Reduce your overhead for individual sales, while still accepting all types of payments.

Enjoy Pricing Flexibility

Pass on your improved margins to your customers with competitive pricing.

Upgrade to Surcharging-Capable Devices

Our range of industry-leading devices not only help you deploy surcharging quickly and easily, but help you run your business more effectively.

Surcharging Resources

RV / trailer dealership

Surcharging: Everything You Need to Know

Learn what surcharging is, what the pros and cons of surcharging are, and determine whether it is right for your small business.


The Differences Between Surcharging, Convenience Fees, and Cash Discounting

Learn about these fee reduction strategies and how to decide which practice is right for your small business.

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