Gravity Payments

Integrated payment solutions designed to streamline your energy business.

Providing a customizable way for your energy business to present invoices and accept payments from your customers.

Custom-Fit Solutions

Run your business your way – we’ll tailor a unique solution to help you grow properly. 

Rapid Support

US-based, in-house support is, on average, a short 36 seconds wait away.

Tools for Every Business

A comprehensive suite of online and in-store solutions, managed through Gravity Portals platform. 

— Portals

Custom Enterprise Payment Portal for Your Business

Providing a self-service customer payment and presentment portal to enhance your customer experience.


Review your Current Rates

Use our Rate Calculator to get a high-level overview of your current payment processing rates, called an “effective rate”.

This shows the average percentage of fees associated with each transaction.

If your effective rate seems high, get a free in-depth rate review with one of our consultants.

Get a Free Rate Review


Hardware & software solutions to fit what your business needs.

We believe you know what’s best for your business. We will work alongside you to help you choose from a wide range of reliable payment solutions.

If you’re looking for a whole new POS or management system, we can help you navigate those choices, too.

A Fundamental Force For Your Business

Experience the benefits of unrivaled customer support, competitive lending, and powerful technology.

Competitive Rates

Great pricing throughout your time with us, with no sudden rate increases and nothing hidden in the fine print.

Serious About Security

Your business and customer data is secure with us. We’ll help you become PCI compliant.

Business-Friendly Funding

Get quick and easy funding to grow, evolve or sustain your business with Gravity Capital.

Regular Health Checks

We endeavor to give you the best rates and solutions throughout your time with us.

Case Studies


Gravity’s development team reoriented Onboard’s billing, and helped them achieve a highly-functional, scalable residential amenity platform.


Burning Man

Gravity Payments developed a self-service portal for BLC PETROL and Water Works that integrated directly into Burning Man’s Fulcrum POS.

Burning Man

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