Gravity Payments

When should I perform reconciliations?

We recommend daily batch closures and daily reconciliation between your point-of-sale (or business management system), Gravity Payments, and your online banking reporting system.

If you encounter a discrepancy, review your Gravity Payments reports or your transaction receipts.

Be aware of any payment transaction system (PTS) edits, which can cause discrepancies within your deposits. PTS edits occur when a transaction is pulled into review because of unusual behavior. Also, it can take 24-48 hours for a transaction to be reviewed and the funds released.

A transaction may get flagged for review if you ran a return that is:

  • Larger than usual
  • On a different credit card than the original sale
  • For a partial amount.

If, after reviewing these possibilities, there is still a discrepancy between your deposits and the Gravity Payments reports, then we may need to verify your account settings. Please call us at 866-701-4700.

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