Gravity Payments

Dispute Manager Information & FAQs

What is Dispute Manager?

Dispute Manager is an online portal that allows you to access and respond to all retrieval and chargeback notices that have been issued to your account. With Dispute Manager, you can sign up to receive email notifications every time your business is issued a dispute.

What do I need to know before enrolling?

Please review the following before attempting to enroll with Dispute Manager:

  • If your merchant ID number starts with the number ‘3’, please reach out to our Support Team for alternative sign up instructions.
  • If your business has more than one account or multiple locations, please reach out to our Support Team for additional help.
  • If you only have one business location and your merchant ID number starts with the number ‘5’, please continue with the steps below.

How do I enroll?

Access Dispute Manager

Your merchant ID number is required to complete your Dispute Manager enrollment, so please make sure you have it available before clicking on the ‘Enroll’ button. Your merchant ID number can be found on your monthly Gravity Payments statement or on a chargeback notification.

Once you have located your merchant ID, click on the ‘Enroll’ button. Once you have clicked ‘Enroll’, you will be navigated to a new page, which will guide you through the enrollment process. Click ‘Begin Enrollment’ under Step 1.

Now, follow the process below to complete your enrollment:

  1. After clicking ‘Begin Enrollment’, you will now be prompted to complete a form with all of your account information.
  2. Make sure to complete all fields, including your tax ID, then click ‘Next’. Make sure to take note of the ‘Secret Question’ and your answer.
  3. You should receive a confirmation email within the next 24-48 hours, which will include your User ID and prompt you to complete your enrollment. Along with the User ID that is provided within this email, you will be prompted to input the answer to your ‘Secret Question’ in order to set a permanent login password.
  4. Once you have created your login credentials, you can now log into Dispute Manager and begin reviewing your retrievals or chargebacks.
  5. Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled, as the Dispute Manager portal will pop-up in a new window.

Having trouble signing up?

If you have any trouble enrolling or logging into Disputer Manger, please reach out to our Support Team directly at 866-701-4700 or [email protected].

Need further assistance?

Our multi-lingual support team is here 24/7. No robots. No phone trees. Just real help from real people.