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Our team at Gravity Payments is constantly looking for and creating the latest and greatest integration methods and API solutions developers need to help independent businesses process payments seamlessly and remain on the forefront of technology.

Ease of Integration:

Gravity’s flexible payment processing platform, combined with our library of APIs and other developer tools, make it easy to integrate payments into your software.


Our 24/7 Support Team will do anything possible to help our clients (and your customers) achieve incredible success. We’re available at any hour of the day or night should there be any question or issue with the functionality and processing of your application or platform.


EMV certification can be extremely costly. Our semi-integrated EMV solution keeps you out of scope on PCI compliance, vastly simplifying the EMV migration process. You can be fully EMV compliant without going through a lengthy and expensive process.


We have integration platforms for multiple processing environments including eCommerce, retail, restaurant, and mobile.


We offer hardware level P2PE with our EMV card readers. With this hardware, credit card data encrypts the moment it enters the device until it reaches us, meaning your customers have maximum security against data thieves. In place of a credit card number, we provide you a token freeing you from the burden of storing credit data.

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