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Star Micronics SP742M/SP742ME Printer

Connect a Star Micronics SP742M or SP742ME printer for orders

Connect your order printer by plugging in cords and cables and loading properly sized paper.

These impact order printers are specially built to work in environments with extra heat and humidity, such as kitchens.

Unbox your printer

Find these items in the box:

  • The Star SP700 series impact printer
  • A 5-foot power cable

You’ll also need:

  • A nearby power source
  • A modem connected to the internet
  • A router that allows multiple internet connections at the same time
  • A Cat5 Ethernet cable long enough to go from the printer to the router

Connect the printer to your network

  1. Flip the printer over to see the plugin locations.
  2. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the printer and the other end into the router. Make sure your Clover device is also connected to this router, either directly or via WiFi. These Clover devices can use either Ethernet or Wi-Fi to send orders for printing: Station Pro, Station 2, Station, and Mini. These Clover devices use Wi-Fi (only) to send orders for printing: Mobile, Flex.
  3. Plug the power cable into the printer.
  4. Flip the printer into the upright position.
  5. Plug the other end of the power cable into a power source.
  6. On the side of the printer, flip the switch to the ON position.
  7. Check for successful connection:
    • On the front of the printer, check for red and yellow lights slowly blinking.
    • When a single green light turns on under the power label and icon, your order printer is communicating with the network.

Load paper into your printer

  1. Make sure the printer is off.
  2. Open the paper compartment, then pull down on the switch to the right of the paper cutter.
  3. Insert the paper roll so the end comes toward the front of the printer along the printer compartment bottom.
  4. Pull out about an inch of paper and close the printer cover. The power light should glow green and the Error light should be off.

Star SP700 and Star SP742M dot matrix ink printer paper is available from your Clover merchant supplier. Use 1-ply, 3-inch x 165 foot paper rolls, or 76mm with a roll diameter of up to 85mm.

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