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Clover® Flex

For more troubleshooting options for the Clover® Flex, please visit the Clover® Dashboard at

If a problem persists, please contact Gravity Payments Support at (866) 701-4700.

Setting up your Clover® Flex

Get your Clover Flex set up with a few simple steps.

What’s in the box
  • Your new Flex device, in its protective silicone sleeve.
  • Flex starter kit with:
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Charging cradle
  • Optional Pin Entry Aid
  • Power brick
  • Power cord
  • Screwdriver
  • Receipt paper roll
Connect to the internet and activate your Flex

Before you start this part of the set-up process:

  1. Find your activation code in the activation email you received from Clover.
  1. If you plan to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, check to make sure your router is set up, connected to the internet, and has a security level of WPA or WPA2. Your network needs to be a closed, protected, secure network to process payment transactions. (If you offer Wi-Fi access to your customers, follow best practices and give them a different network to use.)

The set-up process

  1. Remove the protective plastic film from the front display glass.
  1. Switch on the device by pressing the power button on the right side until the Clover logo appears.
  1. On the display, tap to choose your language and then tap Next.
  1. On the Network screen, tell the device what kind of internet network connection you want to use:
    1. Mobile networks use the installed SIM card and your cellular phone connection.
    2. Wi-Fi networks connect wirelessly to a router you have previously set up.
    3. Wait until you see the message that the device is successfully connected and then tap Next.
    4. On the Activate screen, enter the code you received in your activation email from Clover.
    5. On the Install apps screen, wait while Clover installs the latest apps for your account.

Taking payments on your Clover® Flex

Take payments and view transactions on the display.

Take payments by:

  1. Inserting chip cards into the chip card slot.
  2. Sliding cards without chips across the magnetic card reader groove.
  3. Tapping NFC cards or NFC-enabled phones on the contactless card reader.

Clover® Flex Maintenance and Functionality

Security: Attach a security cable into the Anti-theft Security slot to secure your Flex to a stable object.


The Clover® Flex has built-in speakers for notifications. For amplifying notification sounds in noisy areas, you can wire the Clover device to an external speaker using the 3.5mm audio jack on the top of the device. You can control notifications and sounds by selecting Settings > Notification Settings on your Clover® Device.

Barcode Scanning

Use the barcode scanner to scan merchandise that has UPC barcode images. (The barcode trigger is on the left side.)

Replacing Receipt Paper

Open the receipt paper door on the top of the device. The compartment opens by pulling out the door from the top. Unroll the thermal paper slightly so that it can be extended through the opening on the top of the device, insert the paper, and close the receipt paper door. On the display, tap to print a test receipt.

Replacing the SIM card

Hold the Clover® Flex so the back of the device is facing you. Open the receipt paper door at the top of the device. At the bottom of the compartment, you will find two hex screws with green arrows pointing towards them. Use the (provided) green hex screwdriver to loosen these screws so the cover gently pulls away. The SIM card is located on the right side of the device attached to the cover. Use a pair of tweezers to carefully remove the SIM card without damaging the components inside.

You can also find your device serial number in the paper compartment. The serial number identifies the device and version number. 

Charging the device using the Charging Cradle

Holding the charging cradle upside down, firmly insert the power cord into the charging input. Thread the cord across and out the back. Insert the power cord into the charging brick. Plug in the other end of the power cord to a power outlet.

Place the Clover® Flex on top of the charging cradle and allow the device to charge until the on-screen indicator displays full battery. You know you have successfully connected the Flex and the charging cradle when a battery symbol appears on-screen. 

Charging the device using the Travel Kit Charger

You can use the USB Type-C connector port with the Clover® travel kit power charger (available separately).

Employees App: Set up fingerprint access, passcode access, and signature locations

You can use the employees app to add, edit and delete employee profiles, including different permission levels for different staff roles. Each employee profile is required to have a unique passcode to accommodate for straightforward profile switching. 

Fingerprint access (if available) replaces passcodes with a fingerprint. The fingerprint reader is built into the Power button. Simply place your finger on the power button (without depressing) to activate. 

You can add fingerprints within the Employees app on the device. Under each Employee profile, there will be a prompt allowing users to ADD A FINGERPRINT. Select the prompt, and follow the guided steps on the device to add a fingerprint. 

When the display tells you your fingerprint has been added, tap Continue.

Operating the Clover® Flex

Turn on the device by pressing and holding the power button until you see the Clover logo.

Turn off the device by pressing and holding the power button.

Set the device in sleep mode or wake it up by pressing and immediately releasing the power button.

Log in to your Flex with your fingerprint

After fingerprint access is set up for you, you can use it to instantly log in.

To log in with fingerprint access, place your finger on the

fingerprint sensor until the display shows your apps.

(To set up fingerprint access, read about setting up employee device access.)

How to Soft Reboot your Clover® Flex

Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen. Select “Reboot”, then select “Reboot” again when prompted.

How to Hard Reboot your Clover® Flex

Remove the Flex from its charging cradle or remove the power cord.

Hold the power button down for 32 seconds before releasing.

Press the power button again until the Clover image appears.

Place the device on the charging cradle or connect the power cord back to the device.

When prompted, enter your passcode to log in.

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