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Card Brand Fees

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What are Card Brand Fees?

Often on merchant services or credit card processing statements, you will see a slew of mysterious and cryptic fees. These are known as Card Brand Fees or Card Association Fees. These are the fees that are paid back to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Depending on your merchant services statement, they can appear as different things, but are often labeled NABU fees (Network Access and Brand Usage Fees).

Interchange fees are split up between some of the money going to the card-issuing bank – like Chase or Bank of America – while the rest of the fees go to the card brand. Like all interchange fees, the card brand fees are not charged by Gravity Payments or any credit card processing company, but by the banks and card brands themselves. The credit card processor only collects the fees and passes them through to the card brand and bank.

Visa Fees

card brand
Credit Assessments0.13% of credit card volume and $0.0195/transaction. For a $100 credit sale, Visa takes about 15 cents.
FANFFixed Acquirer Network Fee – Visa charges this flat fee based on how much volume you process per month.
International Acquirer FeeThis fee applies under identical circumstances as above – there is an additional 0.45% surcharge from Visa.
Zero Floor Limit FeeThis $0.20/transaction fee is assessed when a settled transaction can’t be linked to a proper authorization.
Misuse of Authorization FeeThis $0.09/transaction fee applies to all authorized transactions that do not have a matching settled sale.
Settlement Network Access FeeThis $0.0025/transaction fee is charged for all US-based settled transactions.

Mastercard Fees

Credit/Debit Assessments0.12% of card volume and $0.0195/transaction for sales under $1,000. For a $100 sale, MasterCard takes about 14 cents.
Digital Enablement FeeThis fee is 0.01% of volume, and applies on Card-Not-Present sales for commercial cards, consumer credit cards, and signature debit cards.
Cross Border Assessment Fee (Foreign)Any card you accept from outside the US that is settled in non-US dollars will be subject to a 1.00% international surcharge from MasterCard.
AVS Fee (Card-Present)MasterCard assesses a $0.005/transaction fee for using Address Verification Services in a Card-Present environment.
Card Validation Code FeeThere is a $0.0025/transaction fee for all transactions that are submitted with the Card Validation Code (also known as Card Code Verification or CCV).
Acquirer License FeeThis 0.0045% fee is assessed on all processing volume.
Account Status Inquiry FeeThis rarely applied fee of $0.025/transaction applies when cardholder information (AVS, CCV) is verified without authorizing the sale.

Discover Card Fees

card brand
Credit/Debit Assessments0.105% of card volume and $0.0185/transaction for all sales. For a $100 sale, Discover takes about 12 cents.
International Service FeeThis 0.55% fee applies to any cards you accept from outside the US, just like the International Processing Fee.

Amex Fees

American Express
Credit/Debit Assessments0.15% of card volume is paid directly to American Express. On a $100 sale, this works out to 15 cents.
International AssessementThis 0.40% fee applies to any cards you accept from outside the US.