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“What Comes Next For Coffee Shops & COVID-19?”

Thursday, 6/11/2020, 11am PT

The coffee industry has been transformed during COVID-19. While some shops are finding ways to safely serve customers and achieve revenue at or near pre-COVID levels, others are just beginning to re-open or are weathering major decreases in sales. Meanwhile, permanent shifts in customer behavior and coffee shop operations are changing the landscape for years to come. To shed light on the topic, we’re bringing together industry experts with unique insight and data into how shops are successfully adapting in the short term, what new long term opportunities are already being shaped, and how owners can act now to capitalize when the dust settles on COVID-19.

Dan Price, Founder and CEO, Gravity Payments
Dane Atkinson, CEO, Odeko
Dean Veurink, Director of Marketing, Torani
Nick Martin, CEO, Joe Coffee

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Past Talks

Gravity speaks with leaders in many industries to talk about how they are adapting to today’s challenges. It’s never too late to watch talks hosted by Gravity or that we participated in.

Pool and Spa: Go Digital in Response to COVID-19

Learn how to take your pool and spa business digital! There’s no better time to eliminate the boundaries of brick and mortar than right now. Zach and Jared show you how to increase revenue and decrease costs by uncovering tips and tools to perform remote consultations, increase website traffic, optimize your bottom line, and bill customers in a safe and automated environment

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Jared Spears – Account Executive, Gravity Payments
Zach Richardson – Founder, House Intelligence

Reading the Room: Adapting Your Bookstore During and After COVID

Independent bookstores are vital cultural and social hubs for many communities. While they’ve proved resilient in the face of competition from chain and online retailers, the rise of ebooks, and the increasing cost of running a brick-and-mortar business, their strength has been further tested by COVID-19. As Amazon continues to gain market share and indie stores are forced to remain closed, booksellers are looking for new ways to adapt and reach customers. In this exclusive webinar, hear from store owners Lexi Beach (Astoria Bookshop, Queens, NY) and Christy McDanold (Secret Garden Books, Seattle, WA) and partnership manager Sarah High as they discuss how they’ve adapted and offer advice for retailers as they look to the future. This discussion is moderated by Gravity Payments lead storyteller Brooke Carey.

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Sarah High, Partnership Manager,
Lexi Beach, Owner, Astoria Bookshop, Queens, NY
Christy McDanold, Owner, Secret Garden Books, Seattle, WA
Brooke Carey, Lead Storyteller, Gravity Payments

Worth It: A Conversation with Dan Price

In Worth It, Gravity CEO Dan Price shares the story of how he started his company as a way to help small business owners and eventually realized his larger responsibility as a business owner. In this talk, Dan shares updates on how the policy has helped the company and discusses why he believes business can and should be focused on more than just profit.

Dan Price, Founder and CEO, Gravity Payments

How Local Restaurants Are Adapting Under COVID-19

Lisa Boorman, owner of Red Door Cafe and Red Door Donuts in Moses Lake, Washington, discusses how she’s doubled-down on the areas of her business that are working and pivoted to new contactless delivery systems to adapt to changing customer demand. Olga Sagan, owner of the famed Seattle bakery Piroshky Piroshky, discusses launching the new service Catch22Delivery as a way to compete with third-party apps like Grubhub and Uber Eats so restaurants can continue to serve their customers without sacrificing profits. The conversation is moderated by Gravity’s marketing specialist Nina Ojeda.

Olga Sagan – Owner, Piroshky Piroshky and Catch22Delivery
Lisa Boorman – Owner, Red Door Cafe

Diversify Your OPE Business

Tim Berman, Innovation Manager at Constellation Software, shares how to adapt your OPE or marina business in these changing times. He discusses how to assess and diversify your product lines, embrace new styles of customer communication, and improve your marketing efforts and ecommerce solutions so you reach the most customers and increase your sales.

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Tim Berman, Innovation Manager at
Constellation Software

How to Be a Small Business Champion

Main Street businesses are under threat. If you’re interested in partnering with Gravity Payments to help save them, join us for this webinar to learn more about becoming a Small Business Champion! During this webinar, you’ll learn how you can refer businesses to Gravity and earn a $200 referral bonus for yourself or the small business every time one of your referrals signs up with Gravity. You’ll also learn how Gravity can help businesses save on their payments–all while using modern technology.

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Bobby Powers
, Head of Learning and Development, Gravity Payments
Matt Sakauye, Regional Sales Manager, Gravity Payments
Blaze Smith, Outside Sales Rep, Gravity Payments

Reopening Your Boise Restaurant

As Boise restaurants and bars prepare to reopen their dining rooms on May 16th, we want to keep you up to date on all the latest information, guidelines, and services that will help you through this unprecedented transition. In this Facebook Live event, Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price talks with several Boise elected officials and business leaders about protocols for reopening as well as innovative ideas, products and trends that are helping restaurants stay ahead of the curve.

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Dan Price
– CEO, Gravity Payments
Kevin Settles – Owner and Founder, Bardenay Restaurants
Patrick Bageant – Boise City Councilman
Mat Erpelding – VP, Government Affairs, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

9 Ways to Future-Proof Your Audiology Practice

COVID-19 has severely limited audiologists’ ability to run their practices and serve patients. Even though you may have been forced to scale back, there are several things you can do to help your practice survive this crisis.

Dan Price – Gravity Payments CEO
Brian Urban – President CounselEAR

Adapting your Bridal Shop During COVID-19

Janice Yoder discusses how she’s adapted her business and offers tips to other bridal salon owners about things they can do to build customer loyalty and generate revenue while their shops are closed.

Janice Yoder – Adore Bridal

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