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How To: Interchange Management Service

Find information about Interchange Management Service (IMS) below:

Determining if IMS added information to a transaction in Gravity Dashboard

Step 1: Navigate to your ‘Transactions’ screen in your Gravity Dashboard

Step 2: From the ‘Transactions’ screen, click on the Approval code for the transaction you’re interested in

Step 3: Once the transaction you’ve selected opens to the Transactions Details screen, you can determine if IMS added any Level 2 data by looking at the ‘Level 2 Interchange Automation’ field

  • If the value equals ‘true’, IMS added at least one of the three required Level 2 files listed
  • If the value equals ‘false’, IMS did not add any details to the transaction
  • If any of the Level 2 fields populated, those values were provided by the integrator at the time of the transaction

Please Note: IMS adding Level 2 details does not guarantee the transaction will qualify for Level 2 interchange rates. Other factors such as AVS, Card Type, and MCC may impact qualification. 


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