I personally don’t feel that I have ever been discriminated against based on gender.  That being said, I am fully aware that it exists.  The positions I have held my entire career have always revolved around sales and customer centric relationships where you are truly rewarded based on performance.

The gender gap is certainly narrowing in the workforce.  Unfortunately, women are still making 21% less than men. We need to be diligent until the gap does not even exist. It starts with simple things like paid family leave for both parents encouraging both parents to be caretakers. Training and open dialogue to ensure no one is sexually harassed and how to handle the situation if it happens.  I also feel that women in high positions should be vocal and open about what it took to get there.  Leading by example and sharing experiences are the best ways to teach and promote women to speak up, to demand equal pay for equal performance.

My advice to women who want to get into a leadership role would be to find someone you trust and ask them to be a mentor. Whether that mentor is male or female, finding the right person to align with on goals, values and vision will set you up for a strong foundation.  I feel so blessed to have had amazing mentors in my career. Having the right people surrounding you and the inner desire to learn to improve each day will set you up for success. Also, never underestimate the power of networking. There are so many different resources you can utilize from women in leadership networking groups, or women within your own organization. Surround yourself with amazing people, work hard, and reap the benefits.

-Neda Perrina Vice President of Sales at Gravity Payments

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Below is an infographic from Nerdwallet that helps illustrate the gender pay gap.


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