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A trusted, local payment processor serving the Hawaiian islands.

Serving and supporting Hawaii business owners since 2007

Consultative, not Sales-y

We only provide solutions to fit your business’s needs. Our team will never sell you on a solution that doesn’t make accepting payments for your business a breeze.

Moving Businesses Forward

Improve your rates, equipment and technology. If we can’t help move your business forward in any of those areas, we’ll tell you!

24/7 Support

Support is always local. Expert, in-house human support is available on the islands in Japanese, Korean or English.

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Accept Payments anytime, anywhere

Taking payments when and where you want is important. Our robust payment processing options include virtual terminals, point-of-sale, mobile apps, a payment gateway, and credit and debit maching for both in-store and on-the-go. We can help you select the combination of processing options you need to serve your customers. Serving and supporting Hawaii business owners since 2007.

Elevating Business Success in Hawaii: The Gravity Payments Impact

In the heart of Hawaii, where businesses thrive on the spirit of ‘ohana’ and the warmth of community ties, Gravity Payments has emerged as a beacon of support and innovation for local enterprises.

Gravity Payments Hawaii team

Review your Current Rates

Use our Rate Calculator to get a high-level overview of your current payment processing rates, called an “effective rate”.

This shows the average percentage of fees associated with each transaction.

If your effective rate seems high, get a free in-depth rate review with one of our consultants.


Meet the Hawaii Team

Devoted to your success, local for your convenience

Blaze Smith

Sales, Oahu

Christian Ocariza

Sales, Oahu

Micah Chinen

Sales, Oahu

Aaron Swim

Sales, Oahu

Jack Lee Hawaii, Korean sales team member
Jack Lee

Sales, Oahu
Korean Speaking


Charlie Chung

Sales, Oahu
Korean Speaking

Hanael Chang Hawaii and Korean sales team
Hanael Chang

Sales, Oahu
Korean Speaking

Tyler Hawaii sales rep
Tyler Vandament​

Sales, Maui

Matt Miyata Hawaii tech
Matt Miyata

Hawaii Tech

Nalani Hawaii tech
Nalani Ogata

Hawaii Tech

Nathan Mailhot

Hawaii Tech, Oahu

David Patino
David Patino

Hawaii Tech, Oahu
Japanese Speaking

Travis Asato

Customer Service Engineer, Oahu

Stephen Asato

Customer Service Engineer, Oahu

Garrett Quarve

Deployment Representative, Oahu

Kyle Santos Operations generalist
Kyle Santos

Operations Generalist, Hawaii

Let’s work together to find the right solutions for your business

We know you work hard to offer the best service to your customers. Isn’t it time for a company to work just as hard for you? Getting started is easy! You can complete this form, schedule a time to talk to a Hawaii Processing Consultant or call (808) 369-9497.

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Looking to accept Mobile, Online or Telephone orders?

New or existing merchants looking to accept mobile, online or telephone payments should fill out the add-on MOTO Addendum document and complete the 7 internet requirements. Once the addendum is completed a Hawaii team member will contact you to finalize the process.

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