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Devoted to your success, local for your convenience.

We are committed to your success and are dedicated to providing the best possible service. With the island’s largest dedicated team, we understand the unique needs of Hawaiian businesses.

Meet the Hawaii Team

Devoted to your success, local for your convenience

Blaze Smith

Sales, Oahu

Christian Ocariza

Sales, Oahu

Micah Chinen

Sales, Oahu

Aaron Swim

Sales, Oahu

Jack Lee Hawaii, Korean sales team member
Jack Lee

Sales, Oahu
Korean Speaking


Hanael Chang Hawaii and Korean sales team
Hanael Chang

Sales, Oahu
Korean Speaking

Tyler Hawaii sales rep
Tyler Vandament​

Sales, Maui

Matt Miyata Hawaii tech
Matt Miyata

Hawaii Tech

Nalani Hawaii tech
Nalani Ogata

Hawaii Tech

Nathan Mailhot

Hawaii Tech, Oahu

David Patino
David Patino

Hawaii Tech, Oahu
Japanese Speaking

Travis Asato

Customer Service Engineer, Oahu

Stephen Asato

Customer Service Engineer, Oahu

Garrett Quarve

Deployment Representative, Oahu

Kyle Santos Operations generalist
Kyle Santos

Operations Generalist, Hawaii

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