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Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Ensuring they are taken care of, and their needs are met has always been Gravity’s number one priority. One of our merchants’ biggest pain points and priority is timely access to cash and liquidity for their business needs

For as long as we can remember, small businesses have struggled when it comes to finding reliable financing for their business needs. Traditionally, a small business would go to one of the big banks, open a bank account, then apply for one of those traditional small business loans, SBA loans, or even open business lines of credit. There are many issues with these legacy lending products and can work against the small businesses, and end up having a reverse effect. 

Cash is extremely important to our merchants. Unforeseen circumstances, growth, expansion, repairs, renovation, digital transformation, and other initiatives could be capital intensive. This shouldn’t stop our merchants from addressing those issues or pursuing their dreams.

Here at Gravity Payments, we always care about our merchants and want to find ways to help them achieve their goals. Therefore, we’ve created Gravity Capital, an alternative to traditional small business loans, to help merchants take advantage of affordable, flexible, and transparent funding catered to their business needs, putting merchants above profit incentives. 

Gravity Capital is an opportunity for our merchants to apply and receive short term financing in a timely manner, without the hassle of jumping through hoops and endless paperwork, with payback terms that work for merchants and not enrich lenders. 

With Gravity Capital, our current merchants can apply for up to 80% of their monthly processing revenue. All they need to provide is a completed application with their business’s 4 most recent months of bank statements. There is no credit score or annual revenue minimum. We believe in investing in our merchants and use Gravity Capital to help them, so we won’t penalize our merchants if they have a low credit score or if they are not generating as much revenue. 

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