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When our CEO, Dan Price, made his $70,000 minimum wage announcement we were catapulted into the global spotlight. Our stories have resulted in millions of interactions and conversations since. Though we’ve been humbled by many kind words and support, it’s the criticism that has helped us find new ways to constantly improve as a company. We’ve taken many steps and implemented several policies to better foster an inclusive and diverse workplace, like our focus on pay equality, our unlimited PTO policy, a concentrated effort on recruiting women for strategic leadership positions, or internal workshops on inclusion and respectful communication.

However, there was one note of criticism we received a handful of times, which genuinely caught us off guard. We were being called out for our lack of diversity in the videos and images that circled the Internet. We were accused of having an ethnically homogenous workforce.

We didn’t know what they were talking about. We tried to defend ourselves, but we knew when we were just like every other company that says they “champion diversity in the workplace”, yet didn’t have anything to show for it. Our actions were speaking louder than our words.

So, we took this opportunity to look at our company introspectively: What can we do to make sure we have a diverse set of voices and opinions representing our company? What efforts can we take to make sure all opinions, all lifestyles, all genders, all races, all ages, all backgrounds have a seat at the table?

Here’s our series on how we’re embracing diversity in the workplace, how we all benefit when everyone has a seat at the table, and some personal stories from our team members on what diversity means to them.

Part OnePart Two • Part Three • Part Four • Part Five

Part One

diversity series part 1

Part Two

diversity series part 2

Part Three

diversity series part 3

Part Four

diversity series part 4

Part Five

diversity series part 5

Embracing Diversity

A Gravity Payments Series

Part OnePart Two • Part Three • Part Four • Part Five

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