Here are some common signs it’s time to think about making a change.

  1. High or hidden fees. If you consistently see your rates spike, or you get confused about where your fees are coming from, it’s a sign you need to switch.
  2. Poor customer service. If you often find yourself caught in phone trees, waiting on hold, or completely forgotten about, consider a processor who’s easier to access.
  3. Expensive equipment leases. Leasing equipment sounds cheap at first, but it ends up being more costly in the long run. Always rent or purchase your equipment.
  4. Business growth. If your business has been steadily growing, it might be time to assess your current rates and equipment to see if your processor can grow with you — while still providing competitive rates.
  5. Auto-renewal contracts. It’s always good to know when your contract is about to come up for renewal. Some processors will auto-renew your contract and only give you 30 days to opt out.
  6. No liquidated damages clauses for early termination. Some processors, if you end your contract early, will charge you not only a cancellation fee, but also for the amount they would have made from you had the contract completed. Avoid processors with “liquidated damages” clauses.”
  7. No hardware flexibility. Look for a processor that can work with more than one type of point-of-sale equipment, one who wants the best fit for your business and isn’t just pushing a proprietary solution.
  8. No heart. We stand with independent business owners who believe in the American dream and are willing to work to chase it. Your processor should put purpose over profit.
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