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Clover® POS is one of the most popular point-of-sale systems on the market because of its clean, sleek, all-in-one design and its remarkably robust app market. Clover POS Station’s cutting edge technology, backed by the support of Gravity Payments, empowers restaurant owners to accept credit cards and run their business easily so they can spend more time doing what they love. With the world moving as fast as it is today and business competition at an all-time high, it’s important for business owners to spend as little time as possible doing busy work and more time doing what sets them apart.

With that said, here are four apps that will help your restaurant do just that:

#1 Save time with Schedule by HomebaseClover POS Schedule App 1

If you are like most restaurant, bar, or café owners, you’re spending on average 8 percent of your week making employee schedules. That is precious time you could spend cultivating relationships with regulars, training employees, or perfecting that next groundbreaking marketing idea.

With Schedule by Homebase, you’ll reduce your average scheduling time by 6400%! We know that number sounds insane, but according to Homebase, restaurateurs can now complete a week’s schedule in just three minutes! And with online access, restaurant owners and managers can build and manage schedules anywhere.

Benefits of Schedule by Homebase:

  • Send schedules by email and text message to all employees
  • Manage time-off requests
  • Handle shift-trades
  • Send employee reminders one hour before their shift
  • To learn more, visit Schedule’s page on

For more information on Clover POS, Gravity Payments, or accepting credit cards in general, contact us. We reduce the costs and headaches of accepting credit card payments by providing simple, fair, and seamless solutions.

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#2 Offer Fortune 500 level loyalty programs with the FiveStars app

Clover POS FiveStarsDid you know a Harvard Business School study found that by keeping your customer’s coming back 5 percent more often, you could increase profits by 95 percent? That might be why so many Fortune 500 companies like Starbucks, Walgreens, and Regal Cinemas promote loyalty programs every chance they get.

What if your quick-serve or full service restaurant could utilize the same technology previously reserved for these mega corporations and reap the rewards? With FiveStars, you can communicate with your customers on their mobile devices, send personalized notifications, and offer discounts. Fivestars allows you to utilize their AutoPilot feature which can send app notifications, text messages, or emails with special offers that bring customers back ten times more effectively than other marketing tools such as paid search ads, direct mail, or email.

On top of everything, when a customer comes into your restaurant and logs into FiveStars using their quick pin, your staff can easily associate them with their name and preset preferences on their FiveStars app.

In 2016 alone, FiveStars has a built-in customer database of nearly five million restaurant customers, that resulted in 54 million visits to local businesses.

“Finally, there is a painless way that we can win back customers. I often forget it is doing all of the work in the background.” – Steve, Santino Pizza Oceanside, CA (FiveStars customer)


#3 – Bring ease, comfort, and accuracy to your restaurant with the Time Clock by Homebase app

Clover POS Time Clock App Another great app from Homebase is Time Clock. Coupling Time Clock with the aforementioned Schedule will super power your quick-serve or full service restaurants’ time management system.

You can track clock-ins, clock-outs, and overtime from anywhere. Staff can easily and quickly clock in and clock out for work or breaks. Managers can easily override any entry and even notify employees before their shift or if they’re late.

Benefits of Time Clock by Homebase:

  • Clock in, clock out, and track breaks
  • Declare cash tips
  • Utilize server banking
  • Integrated credit card tips
  • Payroll-ready timesheet export

#4 – The ultimate notification system for your restaurant with the Ping Me If app

Clover POS Ping Me If AppPing Me If is a simple app for Clover POS that will enable you to receive email alerts when specific and important events happen at your restaurant. You can now focus on the task at hand and rest assured knowing that your inventory is under control and your cash drawer isn’t filling up too much.

Use Ping Me If to receive email notifications for a variety of instances including:

  • A payment, refund, tip, or discount exceeds a specified amount
  • An item or entire order is deleted
  • A customer item is added to an order
  • An order is paid
  • The quantity available for an item falls below a specific threshold (Stock app required)
  • An item has expired or is expiring soon (Stock app required)
  • Cash in the drawer exceeds a specified amount (Cash Track app required)
  • Partial payment is made
  • Cash is removed from drawer
  • An item is deleted from inventory
  • An order stays open for too long
For more information on Clover POS, Gravity Payments, or accepting credit cards in general, contact us. We reduce the costs and headaches of accepting credit card payments by providing simple, fair, and seamless solutions.

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