How to: Void VX 520

This brief video shows you how-to void a transaction on a VX520 credit card terminal by Verifone.

How To void a transaction on VX520 Credit Card Terminal

Watch this how to video to void transactions on a VX520 credit card terminal.

Step by Step instructions: How To Void A Transaction VX520


  1. Select F4 key on terminal.
  2. Select F1 (Yes) to run the last transaction.
  3. Select F2 (No) to run a void for any other transaction on the batch.
  4. If you select No, you can search your transaction by invoice or account number. Both numbers are found on your receipt.
  5. Once you select your transaction, press the Enter key.
  6. Confirm that it’s the transaction you want to void.
  7. Press F1 (Yes) to void transaction.
  8. Select F1 (Yes) again if you want to print a customer copy of the receipt.
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