How to: Plug in a Pin-Pad iCT220 Ingenico

This brief video shows you how to plug in a pin-pad iCT220 Ingenico credit card terminal.

How To plug in pin-pad iCT220 Ingenico Credit Card Terminal

Watch this how to video to plug in pin-pad iCT220 Ingenico Credit Card Terminal.

Step by Step instructions: How To Plug In Pin-Pad iCT220 Ingenico


  1. Before plugging in the pin-pad, unplug the power to the terminal.
  2. Take the back of the terminal and remove it.
  3. Find the USB port.
  4. Take the cord from the pin-pad and plug it into the USB port.
  5. Plug the power back into the terminal.
  6. The pin-pad will activate.
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