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We sat down with various business owners who we process for and asked them to tell their stories – why they started their business, what drives them, and how Gravity Payments fits into the picture

Gonnason Boats | Kent, WA

City Peanut Shop | Boise, ID

Redeeming Soles | Seattle, WA

1st Response HVAC | Edmonds WA

Ken’s Pawn | Nampa, ID

The Dewey | Nampa, ID

Silver City Brewery | Silverdale, WA

The Boardroom | Boise, ID

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Press & Highlights

From the 70K announcement to unlimited PTO, the Tesla surprise, and
beyond, Gravity Payments has made waves in the world of business and corporate social
responsibility. We have always existed to stand with the little gal or guy who believes in the
American dream and is willing to work to chase it. These stories prove it.

CBS News

PBS Newshour

Dan Price Tesla Surprise

Red Mill Burgers Accepting Credit Cards


Below are select stories and blogs from our team members, clients, and press. These selected pieces extend far and wide through a diverse lineup of content, from our transparent approach to discussing business practices and policies to puppy day, and our focus on giving back to the community through our Gravity Gives program.

Women in Leadership

Women in leadership has been a hot topic in America for quite some time.
At Gravity, we are fortunate and proud to have a large portion of our leadership that are women. This is a platform for them to speak on women in leadership, their experiences, and their perspectives.

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Embracing Diversity

Here’s our series on how we’re embracing diversity in the workplace, how
we all benefit when everyone has a seat at the table and some personal stories from our team members on what diversity means to them.

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We’re All CEOs Here

At Gravity, we have a motto that pretty much everyone lives by: be the
CEO of your own life. Our team is encouraged (and empowered) to think independently and act quickly like a CEO, entrepreneur, or even like the independent business owners we serve. This simple concept has completely revolutionized the way we do business and created a culture where everyone is motivated by a higher purpose.

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Podcasts and Audio Clips

On top of press stories and other coverage, we have participated in many podcasts, and radio interviews. Here are just a few of those stories.

Dan Price on Live at 5, BBC Radio

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