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Key benefits of integrated payments:

  • Having your card payments integrated directly into your software is a huge advantage. We made the investment into developing this seamless integration with our partners at Gravity because we knew it would be such a clear benefit for our hard-working dealership clients.
  • Having payments integrated directly into your software eliminates the mind-numbing busywork of manually reconciling payments, the confusion of having to depend on multiple platforms, and increased risk of human errors for both.
  • We see our clients conservatively save 10-20 hours per month by not having to manually reconcile payments.
  • On top of making your dealership’s payments much less time-consuming and stressful, more often than not our integrated payment program with Gravity ends up actually costing less than what our clients had been paying for their non-integrated processing.
  • We chose Gravity to partner with because of their sterling reputation, and especially for their 24/7/365 live human customer support. It was imperative to us that our clients would be in the best of hands.

When to bring integration up in sales conversations:

Think of integration as a part of IDS’s software. As a benefit of using IDS, you also get integrated payments.

  • “Now that set-up is completed, let’s get you set-up to accept payments directly within your software.”
  • “Getting payments integrated directly within your software is a very quick process. We’re partnered with Gravity Payments, who serve 20,000 businesses across the country, and we’ve made this process completely streamlined.”
  • “The next step is to schedule a 15-minute meeting for the two of us and Gravity Rep Name from Gravity. (S)he’ll have some simple questions for you to learn a bit about your business, including your needs around accepting credit cards.”

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