EMV Transactions Will No Longer Require Signatures

The change goes into effect on April 15, 2018

In a move that could potentially save business owners some valuable time, the four major credit card issuers in the United States–Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover–will no longer require merchants to collect customer... |

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How To Protect Your Point of Sale

A Quick Guide To Safeguard Your POS System

As data security continues to evolve, so does criminal behavior. Hackers are looking for different vulnerabilities in systems in order to attack them where they’re weakest. In light of the recent #WannaCry ransomware cyberattack, we’ve... |

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Encrypt Your Business in Five Minutes

Simple & Effective Steps To Take Control Of Your Online Activity

At Gravity Payments, our security team has worked hard to provide our team with seamless encryption and data security technology that we need to keep our clients’ data safe at every opportunity. However, most individuals don’t have a team... |

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Risky Business

A Gravity Payments Series

Gravity Payments works with community businesses all across the country. As a credit card processing company Gravity Payments works to secure and transfer payment data between businesses and their customers. This is a very important job and vitally... |

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Not All Browsers Are Created Equally

Interview & Tips from Gravity Payments' Senior Security Engineer Mick Grove

Not All Browsers Are Created Equally | Risky Business Ep 06 Mick Grove and Dan Carroll discuss which web browser is the most secure and ways in which you can install quick and easy plugins for added security. Not All Browsers Are Created Equally:... |

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