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News about Gravity, the industry, and resources to help community businesses succeed.

The Gravity Payments Manifesto

Look around. Wherever there’s a neighborhood with any mojo in this country, it’s not some megacorporation that made it happen. It’s you, the independent-business owner. You’re the one who had the insane idea to start a business, the grit to get... |

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Interviews with Things: Virtual Terminal

Part of our ongoing conversations with the technology that makes our work possible

This week we sat down with Virtual Terminal, a key asset in any merchant’s processing arsenal. Take a look at how Virtual got started, how they benefit merchants, and their surprising dream job.  Gravity Payments: Welcome to the blog. We’re... |

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How I Was Able to Earn Respect as a New Manager

Leadership Wisdom from Gravity's Bobby Powers

When I finished grad school, I walked off the podium with a boatload of confidence, an MBA degree inscribed with fancy Latin words, and sheer obliviousness about what it actually means to lead a team of people. I was hired as an assistant manager of a... |

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January small-business tax updates

News bites from the IRS

Reminder for employees: Tax season for individual filers starts Jan. 27 This year’s tax season will begin for individual tax return filers on Jan. 27, 2020, when the IRS will begin processing 2019 tax year returns. IRS helps workers, businesses with... |

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Did You Know? Avoid the cost of downgraded cards

By Rhiannon Leonard

Did you know that a downgraded card can increase your cost by nearly 40%? It can!  Let’s say a $100 purchase with a Visa Signature Preferred costs you $2.20 (2.20% of the sale). If that card downgrades, the transaction cost increases to $3.05!... |

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