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Should You Surcharge Credit Cards At Your Business?

A Complete Guide To Credit Card Surcharges

A Complete Guide To Credit Card Surcharges Back in 2013, a massive class action lawsuit was filed against Visa and Mastercard by independent businesses stating they were being charged astronomical fees that they couldn’t fight against due to... |

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6 Ways Corporate Hierarchy Is Destroying Your Business

An Op-Ed by Dan Price First Published By Inc Magazine

Do you remember playing the telephone game as a child? You and your friends would sit in a line and one person would whisper a phrase to the person next to them. This would continue until it reached the final participant who would say the phrase out... |

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What Does Culture Fit Mean For Gravity?

A Recruiter's Perspective On What Success Looks Like For A Gravity Employee

Culture fit is a term that is becoming ubiquitous in recruiting. I have been asked by both hiring managers and candidates why culture fit is so important when interviewing and hiring new Gravity Payments employees. It seems obvious why a candidate... |

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Encrypt Your Business in Five Minutes

Simple & Effective Steps To Take Control Of Your Online Activity

At Gravity Payments, our security team has worked hard to provide our team with seamless encryption and data security technology that we need to keep our clients’ data safe at every opportunity. However, most individuals don’t have a team... |

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Wait. I Can Deduct That?

5 Tax Deductions Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Tip #1: Like a Boy Scout. Be Prepared.   Like tax season, summertime is a busy time of year for Gravity. So we prepare by keeping inventory stocked and paperwork organized. To help you mitigate the risk of filing incorrectly or missing out on... |

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