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Giving Employees Raises Is Better for the Bottom Line

An op-ed by Dan Price first published by Success Magazine April, 2017 issue.

There is no doubt that the distractions caused by low income can impede an employee’s ability to perform at work. This expense is real, and it’s costing your business. As the boss, you can try the latest leadership methodology or implement... |

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An Interview With Gender Justice League

Embracing Diversity Part Six

Can you explain what Gender Justice League is and the work your organization does to those who may not know? At the beginning, Gender Justice League was a name change clinic helping people find parity and alignment for their identity documents. This... |

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2017 Merchant Madness

Help us pick our next catered in-office lunch!

In honor of March Madness, we’ve put together a “Merchant Madness” bracket to have the public help us decide what our next in-office catered lunch should be! Through crowd-sourcing, we’ve selected 64 restaurants who are clients... |

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I Am Female. I Am African. I Am American.

Embracing Diversity Part Five

My name is Comfort Olagunju and my parents were born in Nigeria. Did you know Nigeria is the largest producer of oil from Africa and the 11th largest in the world? Yet, the poverty line in Nigeria in 2016 was at 61 percent. That means 61 percent of the... |

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