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Idea for Repurposing Content


When you’ve put time and resources into creating the content for a core deliverable, such as a white paper, you can reuse that information in a number of ways.

For example, core content can be repurposed to become the foundation for:

  • A single, high-level blog post (or a series of blog posts).
  • Social-media posts (which could also drive to the blog posts).
  • An email drip campaign (or nurture mails).
  • An e-book (which could be expanded to include a supplement that includes answers to readers’ questions).
  • Quora posts.
  • A physical leave-behind.
  • A sales sheet.
  • A slideshare presentation.
  • A live presentation.
  • A video (or series of videos).
  • A workshop.
  • A podcast (or series of podcasts).
  • A webinar.
  • An infographic (and/or “chunkable” social microcontent (mini infographics/stats).
  • Content for newsletters (internal or external).
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