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Growth can come in many forms for businesses, but it’s always at the forefront of every entrepreneur’s mind.

That’s why small business lending is an important asset to have in your toolbox. With that being said, there are so many small business lending options out there that it can be nearly as confusing as credit card processing. While Gravity’s mission is to simplify credit card processing for independent businesses, we also help companies with business lending through our Working Capital program.

This program is a great way for business owners to achieve their capital needs without the red tape and hoops of applying for a small business loan. Our colleague, Jonathan, focuses much of his time helping Gravity’s clients with Working Capital.

As he puts it, “With Working Capital, we don’t offer a traditional loan, so there isn’t actually an interest rate, or accruing interest that gets stacked on to the back end of the balance. We use a factor rate to determine the payback amount before anything happens. So, a major benefit is the total amount to be paid back is known by both the business and Gravity. The business owner isn’t on the hook to make a set interest payment each month or have their balance increase due to interest accruing. Instead, the payback amount is a function of their credit card processing volume, so a slow month equals a lower amount collected.”

This is a huge relief for many business owners who are scared about taking on a large loan. Our goal is to work with you to ensure you can achieve your dreams without risking everything in the process.

A great example of how this program works was with our friends at Pecado Bueno. The owner of Pecado Bueno, James, reached out to Gravity looking to expand his business without the hassle often required by traditional small business bank lending. After reaching out, they were quickly approved and able to begin construction on a large outdoor patio and seating addition. After the patio was completed, Pecado Bueno quickly became a Seattle staple for great outdoor seating coupled with their amazing happy hour menu.


The growth that Pecado Bueno saw as a result of their new patio prompted them to open a new location in West Seattle. Gravity was able to use the success of the first Pecado Bueno location and our Working Capital program to assist James on opening his second location.

“Gravity Payments’ Working Capital Program provided me the funding I needed to finish a large patio addition. It was great not to have to mess with the process and red tape of a standard bank loan.”

– James S., Pecado Bueno

Two years later, James has now opened a third location in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle.

Gravity’s whole purpose is to help businesses succeed. Though reducing the headaches and eliminating the hidden fees associated with accepting card payments is a major way we help small businesses, there is always more that can be done. Enter Working Capital.

It’s free and easy to apply for our Working Capital program, so if you’re looking to expand or improve your business, let us know! We’d be happy to find a way to help you achieve incredible success.

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