Seattle, WA November 22, 2016 – Local Seattle restaurant chain, Red Mill Burgers, has announced they are accepting credit cards at all locations. They’ve partnered with Seattle-based company, Gravity Payments, to support their credit card processing transition.

After 22 years serving the community, owners Babe, Michael and John Shepherd realized it was time to make a change to how they accepted payments. With an increase in payment technology like EMV enabled chip cards and Apple and Samsung Pay, the owners noticed a shift in customers wanting to pay for their dining experience in a more convenient way.

We’ve always been a cash business. And my sister said there’s been a generational switch. Millennials don’t even know what cash is. We’ll have a sign at the door that says cash or check only. People see that sign and they just turn away,” said Michael mill burgers

Earlier this year, Gravity Payments, helped Seattle icon, Dick’s Drive-In, accept credit cards after 60 years of only taking cash payments. That’s why Red Mill Burgers decided to trust Gravity Payments to help make the switch as smooth and seamless as possible.

“In the long-run, we probably had to go this route. I think we’re one of the last restaurants in this town that doesn’t take debit. My sister is ecstatic,” said Michael.

“We are super excited to be working with one of Seattle’s oldest institutions – Red Mill. We’re grateful to be the company they reached out to partner with to start accepting credit cards for the first time. I know everyone in the Gravity office is going to be excited to get our Wednesday lunches catered by Red Mill,” said Merchant Relations Representative, Phillip Akhavan.

The original Red Mill opened in 1937 in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. It closed in 1967. It was known as a diner and ice creamery with table and counter service. The current Red Mills were opened first in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood, then spread to Interbay and the Ballard neighborhood shortly after. The Shepherds named the Red Mill in honor of their two late sisters, Kathleen and Monica Shepherd, both of whom worked at the original Red Mill.

Red Mill is a local icon, winning numerous “best burger” awards for more than 20 years including Seattle Weekly’s 2015 award.

Gravity Payments reduces the cost and headaches of accepting credit card payments by providing simple, fair, and seamless solutions with better support and service. They believe the only way to do business is to serve others, do more for them, and charge less.

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