ChargeItPro came. It grew. It thrived. 

And today it became part of Gravity Payments. 

ChargeItPro launched in 2009 to provide payment integration solutions for point-of-sale companies serving the country’s independent merchants.

The company was built on the virtues of simplicity, tailored integrations, and great support.

It worked.

ChargeItPro succeeded beyond its founders’ wildest hopes.

As the company grew, the team couldn’t help but notice there was another company in the industry that shared their values. Since Gravity Payments offered a complementary solution, the two formed an informal partnership.

And then agreed to become one company.

Building something special

Today, we are one. 

However, while the websites are uniting under and the two brands are uniting, ChargeItPro’s signature products and service will live on, stronger than ever.

Because we’re building something special — an incredibly accessible company that champions the independent business owner pursuing the American Dream.

Fortunately, we’ve got a special team to build it.

Call us if you have any questions. The number is at the top of every page.

And we never make you talk to a robot.

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