Seattle-based SmilePOS has been changing the way Thai restaurants across the country are operating. With a point-of-sale system operating and supported completely in Thai, businesses find it easy to not only operate their POS but get the support they need 24/7 in their native language.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, SmilePOS worked to develop new ways to support their customers. The Smile team launched an online ordering platform integrating directly into the point-of-sale system, costing restaurants significantly less than the alternative online ordering platforms. This online ordering platform also allows restaurants to own their brand, allowing for a custom approach to online ordering.

Smile has also just released a new marketing service driving  online orders directly to restaurants. Helping Thai restaurants grow is at the core of Smile’s mission. By remaining adaptable to the industry changes, Smile keeps their customer’s needs at the forefront of their innovation ensuring they have the latest technology without the costly price tag.

Emery Wager, of the Gravity Payments team, has been working closely with Smile for seven years and had this to say about what this team has been up to, “in an age of venture backed tech companies, Smile is an outlier – growing with support from their own customer base and [will be] able to be in it for the long term.”

Now with 50 employees, SmilePOS is looking to continue expanding their team to continue supporting their rapidly growing customer base. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, check out their Careers page today.

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