We are delighted to integrate our industry-leading payments technology into Acuro’s Veterinary Practice Management Software, AcuroVet, bringing AcuroVet users the flexibility and peace-of-mind that comes with working with Gravity Payments.

Acuro Inc was founded by Dr Maureen Kelleher in 2014 with its flagship product, AcuroVet. AcuroVet is a global cloud-based complete veterinary practice management software made to revolutionize the animal healthcare industry. AcuroVet was launched with its image-based medical records to help fellow veterinarians achieve efficiency in patient record keeping. With other key modules such as appointments, communication, inventory and invoicing, AcuroVet is a complete veterinary practice management solution for every veterinarian – from mobile practice to hospital, from small animal to large, from traditional to holistic, from primary care to specialist. 

In 2020, AcuroPet was launched as a complementary mobile application for pet owners. With AcuroPet, veterinarians can connect with pet owners making communication and records sharing seamless and secure. Acuro is continually evolving to help veterinarians streamline and stay ahead in their business so they can focus on what’s important in their work: treating their patients. 

Book a free demo with Dr Maureen Kelleher to see how AcuroVet can help your practice, or visit www.acurovet.com for more info. 

Some reasons to love AcuroVet for your practice:


Imaged/Visual-Based Medical Records
  • Make client education easy with species specific images for skin maps, musculoskeletal exams, acupuncture, chiropractic, rehabilitation and more
  • Decrease data entry of medical findings with notation on left, right, dorsal and ventral views



Invoicing Module
  • Multi-owner/split invoicing
  • Single/multi-owner, multi-visit invoicing
  • Decrease paper usage with email invoicing



Inventory Module
  • Track inventory from large to small inventory units
  • Invoice items from large to small inventory units
  • Direct invoicing of inventory items



Communications Module
  • Send text or email appointment, prescription, vaccination reminders
  • Send messages to owner via AcuroPet owner application
  • Allow owners to request appointments via AcuroPet owner application
  • Send outpatient reports via email directly to owners, veterinarians, trainers, insurance companies
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