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Engineering Product Manager

Book Worm. Liz Lemon. Fabulous.

Grant’s Story

Being born and raised in Santa Cruz, California was a wonderful experience. My open-minded attitude is in large part due to that environment, and is something I hope I never lose! While I never strayed too far from the California Bay Area during and after college, I did manage to work in a variety of settings including retail, biotechnology, and university technology licensing.

One fun fact about me: I have a very loud and uninhibited laugh that, while sometimes startling, is usually infectious. It may be hard to believe after hearing it, but there are members of my family with even louder and more outrageous laughter!

No matter where I worked or what my role was I always found myself drawn to utilizing technology around me to improve things and generally make people’s lives easier. Most recently at Stanford, my growth into a Product Manager role was balanced by an active exploration of crucial conversations and how to best communicate with those around me. I am so excited to have the chance to fully devote my time to technology development at Gravity.

Grant Trivia

  • Favorite Food: I love most forms of seafood. 
  • Favorite Movie: A Single Man
  • Favorite Book: Hyperion Series, The Stormlight Chronicles, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Amber, The Wheel of Time, Dune, Farseer Series, Revelation Space, and American Gods.
  • Hobbies: Connecting with friends, reading, swimming, hiking, video games, board games, and meeting new people.
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