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Say hello to Carter

Relationship Manager

Mac & Cheese. Spelunker. Persnickety.

Carter’s Story

I am a local to the PNW having grown up in Olympia, WA. I may have a city look to me but I grew up in the country with chickens, pigs, a large garden, and a forest as my backyard. One thing all my friends know about me is that I love to travel. So far I have made it to twenty-two countries with no plan of stopping anytime soon. I highly value my experiences meeting different people and getting to know different cultures all over the world. My work experience is split between working in the banking and drafting fields. One fun fact about me is that I lived in Malaysia for a year.

I love getting to know people and the differences we all have. Putting myself headfirst into many different cultures led me to have a great appreciation for just how different and awesome people are. Pairing that with my competitive and curious nature along with a love for all things tech, I plan to build great customer relationships and help grow Gravity’s reputation as a company that cares about their clients and provides great service.

Carter Trivia

  • Favorite Food: Sushi (Nigiri to be specific in type)
  • Favorite Movie: Recently…Logan Lucky.
  • Favorite Book: Ender’s Game
  • Hobbies: Table tennis, travelling, cards/games, golf, bowling, video games, corn hole…there’s a lot.
  • Favorite Quote: “That’s not my wallet.” – Patrick Star
This is just one great person in Integrated Payments!

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