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Client Services Manager

La Croix. Basketball. Board Games.

Austin’s Story

I moved to the Seattle area in December of 2012 from Eugene, OR when I got a position with Gravity in the Customer Service Department. I had been working at a big chain restaurant and doing community theatre and started feeling like it was time to chase a life-changing opportunity. I had dropped out of the University of Oregon (although I still hold a strong allegiance to the Ducks) and had been working in the service industry for a few years when my younger brother started working for Gravity. So, a good referral at a great company felt like the right opportunity to chase.

Performing in community theatre allowed me to flex some creative muscles, but really taught me how to be a leader without having to spotlight myself, and instead help my teammates look good. Additionally, having worked in thankless jobs for nearly a decade made me motivated, if not put a chip on my shoulder that I think I’m capable of managing in a positive way. I also think it gave me perspective on a more diverse group of people and their desires than had I just gone to college for four years and stepped into an office job.

I love leading our Client Services Teams, especially because we’ve hired people that are passionate, dedicated, and maybe a little bit weird, like me. I think that because I haven’t had the most traditional path to Gravity it makes me that much more excited to come to work and interact with people that are different from me, with their own paths and their own stories to tell. I’d like to believe that because of this diversity we’re invested in seeing each other succeed, so we approach problems as a team, without preconceived notions of role or seniority.

Austin Trivia

  • Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite Movie: Brick
  • Favorite Book: I Wear The Black Hat by Chuck Klosterman
  • Hobbies: Tabletop board games
  • Favorite Gravity Merchant: Billy Beach Sushi
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