How to: Run A Sale Dejavoo Z9

This brief video shows you how to run a sale on a Dejavoo Z9 credit card terminal.

How To run a sale Dejavoo Z9 Credit Card Terminal

Watch this how to video to run a sale Dejavoo Z9 credit card terminal.

Step by Step instructions: How To Run A Sale on Dejavoo Z9


  1. From the main screen, make sure the right side of your terminal says Sale.
  2. Enter in the sale amount.
  3. Press green OK key to confirm the sale amount.
  4. If prompted, enter in a tip amount.
  5. If entered in a tip amount, press green OK key to confirm.
  6. Confirm the amount of your sale.
  7. If sale amount is correct, press green OK key to confirm.
  8. Now tap, insert, swipe, or key enter the customer’s credit card information.
  9. For a chip card, insert in the EMV slot located at the bottom of the terminal.
  10. If you can swipe the customer’s card, swipe it now.
  11. The terminal will connect to authorize the payment.
  12. The terminal will prompt your customer to sign the receipt.
  13. Once customer is done signing, press the green OK key.
  14. A receipt will print.
  15. The terminal will prompt you to Press Any Key to print a customer receipt.
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