MOTO Credit Card Processing

moto credit card processingAt Gravity, we provide flexible payment options so your business can accept payments from all types of customers. Whether you want to accept Level 2 or Level 3 credit cards, large ticket orders, purchasing transactions, corporate card processing, or need to accept payments through the mail or over the phone (also known as MOTO credit card processing) we’ll help find an option that fits the exact needs of your merchant services account.

How MOTO Credit Card Processing Works

MOTO credit card processing is a great solution for merchants who work collect payments over the phone, or through the mail. It’s also great for customers who aren’t as tech-savvy or don’t trust giving away their credit card information online due to fraud and hacking scares.

There are a few different ways you can accept MOTO credit card transactions. If you have a virtual terminal, it’s very simple. All you have to do is take an order from a customer (through mail or phone) and fulfill it through your virtual terminal (or possibly an accounting system) by inputing a customer’s credit card information.

If you do not have a virtual terminal or some type of payment integration system, the process is still simple, but requires a bit more manual work on your part. Same as the process above, you’ll begin the order fulfillment process with the customer. You’ll have to take down the customer’s credit card information and enter it into your regular credit card terminal. Once the transaction processes, take the receipt, print out an invoice and keep the two pieces of paper together. Then at a later time, you’ll need to manually input all your order into an accounting system and settle whenever that process is done.

If you accept many credit cards during the day, a payment integration system might work best. You’ll reduce the time it takes to process a transaction and leave little room for human error. For more information on virtual terminals, click here.

Common Questions about MOTO Credit Card Processing

What businesses use MOTO credit card processing?

The most common businesses that generally need MOTO credit card processing are those who accept card-not-present transactions. So, those businesses could include:

What are the benefits of processing MOTO transactions?

There are a few benefits of accepting MOTO credit card processing for your business:

  • If you have a payment integration system such as QuickBooks, you can use the built-in accounting feature that allows you to accept your customers’ payments, build or mark up invoices, and balance your general ledger automatically. This reduces the time it would take you manually double-enter all your customers’ credit card information at the end of the day.
  • If you have a virtual terminal or payment gateway, you’ll have instant access to analytics about your transactions, generate reports, separate out transactions based on channel or location, and easily search for past transactions.

Is it safe and secure?

Like all our credit card processing measures, MOTO credit card processing is just as safe and secure. In fact, it’s typically more secure because it requires an extra level of information in order to process the transaction. This reduces any potential fraud or chargebacks to your business.

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