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Credit Call Payment Gateway integration from Gravity Payments

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Credit Call is a omni-channel payment gateway that Gravity Payments integrates with to provide seamless in-store, self-service, online, and mobile payments. Credit Call gateway supports point-to-point encryption ensuring cardholder data is not exposed at any time during a payment transaction as it is encrypted inside the card reader, making it useless and void of any value if a skimming attack is attempted. In addition to encryption, this gateway provides tokenization for each transaction while still allowing cards to be re-used without having to store the actual card holder information.

Gravity Payments offers this gateway along with thousands of other products to address every unique need a business might have with credit card processing.

What Businesses are Credit Call Payment Gateway great for?

  • Works well with omni-platform business that use, ecommerce, in-store, mobile and phone orders

Credit Call Payment Gateway Features:

  • EMV chip card capabilities
  • Magnetic stripe card reader capabilities
  • Secure
  • Omni-platform solutions
  • Tokenization
  • Point-to-toint encryption

For more information on this payment gateway, Gravity Payments, or credit card processing in general, click here to contact us. We reduce the costs and headaches of accepting credit card payments by providing simple, fair, and seamless solutions.

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