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A payment gateway is used for small business credit card processing to enable an online shopping cart, eCommerce platform, or allow a POS system to communicate secure card data. A gateway often doubles as a virtual terminal which acts as a software web-based portal allowing small businesses to process credit card payments through card-not-present transactions. A variety of features and functions can be utilized by a payment gateway, from recurring payments, collecting and storing customer data, added security, and fraud prevention. Gravity Payments integrates with a large amount of shopping cards on top of virtual terminals and POS systems.

Find the right Payment Gateway or Virtual Terminal solution for your business:

  • Bridgepay
  • Credit Call
  • Cybersource
  • ePN
  • Gravity Link
  • Merchant Link
  • Monetra
  • NMI
  • Payeezy
  • PayTrace
  • Payware
  • USA ePay

Resources on Payment Gateways:

  • Virtual Terminal

    • A virtual terminal provides the functionality online as a physical terminal you swipe or dip your credit or debit cards into at a store. With a virtual terminal business owners with a merchant services account will be able to process their customers credit card payments online from any computer or mobile device with a internet connection.
  • Reconciliation and Reporting

    • Reconciliation reports compare a merchant’s monthly credit card statement and a credit card processing company‘s internal financial records to ensure a small business owner is being billed accurately.
  • Recurring Billing

    • Recurring billing is great for businesses who want to offer their customers an easy and simple way to automate on-going payments. From reducing late payments to customizing billing schedule to emailing receipts to your clients, recurring billing is a great solution for a payment gateway.
  • Electronic Billing and Invoicing

    • Tired of mailing invoices to customers? The time and expense of paper billing is a major hinderance for businesses of all sizes. Utilizing electronic billing and invoicing through one of Gravity Payments’ supported payment gateways makes emailing invoices and billing customers electronically quick and streamlined. No more trips to the post office!
  • Level 2 Credit Card Processing

    • While not for every business type, certain businesses can take advantage of level 2 credit card processing through one of Gravity Payments many virtual terminals or payment gateways. Similar to level 3, this option allows for a reduction in the interchange fees charged by the card brands (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) to your business.
  • Level 3 Credit Card Processing

    • Similar to Level 2 processing, Level 3 credit card processing will help reduce the cost associated with the card brands by capturing more data at the beginning of the transaction. For business to business (B2B) customers this might be a wonderful option to cut cost and reduce risk.
  • Large Ticket Credit Card Processing

    • The payment gateways we support allow for large ticket credit card processing which can help minimize costs and headaches sometimes associated with this process. No longer fear your account will be put on hold or your funds frozen. By setting up this service, we enable business-to-business clients and business-to-government clients the ease of processing large credit card orders quickly and easily.
  • Corporate Card Processing

    • Enable your corporate customers the ease of purchase by storing card data securely inside our payment gateways and virtual terminals. No longer worry about asking for their card data every time they need to reorder your product or service, simply process another charge. On top of that take advantage of level 2 and 3 credit card processing.
  • Mail and Telephone Credit Card Processing (MOTO)

    • Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminals offer (MOTO) or mail and telephone payment processing which enables you to take payments from your customers by having their credit card information provided through a phone call or mailing in the information. This enables quick and simple card not present transactions to be completed as securely as possible.
  • Omni-Channel Processing

    • Business is everywhere not, online, in-stores, and on the go. With omni-channel processing your business is empowered to take payments through one system instead of fragmenting your business through multiple channels or vendors. Payment Gateways enable this process to run smoothly and securely.