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Become a small-business champion

Main Street businesses are under threat

You can help them. When you refer a business owner to Gravity, they’ll save money and get the support they need.

Why refer a business to Gravity?

For the savings: We save merchants an average of 9% on their payment processing.

For the support: Our 24/7 in-house team answers the phone in under a minute.

For the technology: We offer remote, mobile, text-to-pay options, and more. Plus, we connect to many existing solutions.


How it works

  • If you know a business that needs to save money — and is looking for a partner who shares their values — let us know.
  • As a thank you, when a business starts processing with us, we’ll send you a $200 referral bonus or you can choose to pass along that $200 credit to the small business.
  • Ready to become a Small Business Champion?
    Follow these three easy steps:

Sign Up

Sign up with your name, email, phone number & state of residence.

Review Your Network

Look around — possibilities are everywhere.

Start with these businesses: auto-repair shops/auto-parts stores, bars, bridal shops, coffee shops, consignment stores, grocery stores, landscaping companies, law offices, liquor stores, marinas, outdoor power equipment dealers, pet supply stores, pharmacies, restaurants, utility companies, and veterinary clinics.

Fill Out Our Referral Form

For any business you refer that starts processing with us, you’ll get a referral fee. You can choose to keep it or donate it back to the business.

We invite you to join us

Together, let’s save small business.