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We believe in standing with independent business owners who believe in the American dream and are willing to work to chase it. That’s why you can always expect unflinching devotion from us.

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POS Consultation

A POS team member helps narrow down your options to find a system that meets your needs.

Data analytics

Accessible Data

Make profit-enhancing decisions in real-time with valuable data and meaningful reports.

All-in-one tool

All-In-One Solution

No extra equipment needed when you integrate payments directly into your POS software.

Save time

Save Time

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks with automated tools like inventory management, order tracking, receipt storage, and more.

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Subscription Pricing

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Gravity Instant – our subscription pricing model – is perfect for businesses processing less than $60,000 a month — like many retail stores, counter-service restaurants, auto repair shops, home repairs, medical clinics, fitness studios, and more.


  • interchange
  • a nickel per swipe

Customized Pricing

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See how much money our pricing specialists can save your business on credit card processing.


  • We promise to never snake-charm you with one rate and then bamboozle you with another at the end of the month.
  • We promise to always have your back by not hiding nasty little terms or conditions in microscopic fine print.
  • We promise to always try to meet or beat your current credit card processing rates.
  • We promise to tell you when we can’t beat a great deal you’re already getting.

Because we believe in independent business, that’s why. We’re on your side.

Hear From Our Team

Point-of-Sale: What You Need To Know

Point-of-sale systems help manage inventory, store records, order supplies, and more, but until recently, they couldn’t help you accept credit cards. We’ve got technology that makes processing WAY easier. Here’s how point-of-sales help run your business seamlessly.

Point-of-Sale Resources

How To Protect Your Point-of-Sale

As data security continues to evolve, so does criminal behavior. Here’s how you can protect your POS system from potential threats.

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With the world moving as fast as it is today and competition at an all-time high, it’s important for restaurant owners to spend as little time possible doing busy work and more time doing what sets them apart.

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How To Find Your Effective Rate

We’ve always been curious why more small business owners don’t know this simple tool to find out if your merchant services fees are too high. Click here to learn what your effective rate is in 30 seconds or less.

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