Watch your business blast off

Your business clients already love your software. Imagine how they’d feel if it was integrated with Gravity’s payment processing?

They’d save time. They’d save money. They’d stop duplicating effort. They’d stop making errors.

They’d be over the moon.

Especially when they learned they’d be able to access one of Gravity’s in-house support pros within a couple rings of the phone — around the clock.

Team builds a rocket

The sky's the limit

There are hundreds of merchant-service companies you could partner with, a few of which even offer the same fundamental capability as us.

But for us, partnership goes beyond software integration and revenue share.

We work with you to build a customized integration strategy, one that frees up time and reduces errors for your customers. At the same time, an integrated solution adds revenue for you and further ingrains your software into your clients’ business, which lowers attrition.

Ground building a sky high system

Fast, efficient, full-service

Our 5‑step process is designed to make payment integration as efficient as possible. You’ll be assigned a dedicated team from day one, and they’ll be with you throughout the process.

1: Discovery

This is a brief, but important call where we learn about your software, how it benefits your users, and which features are most important to them.

2: Solutioning

We put together our best solution for your business and send it to you for review. From here, we will begin to plan our next steps and solidify a partner agreement.

3: Integration

Once our agreement is set, the fun begins! Your dedicated integration specialist will drive the entire process, regularly communicating updates, and always ready to assist your team.

4: Beta

Your integration specialist will install and test the first three on-boarded merchants to ensure you and your clients experience a smooth, efficient rollout.


5: Installed

Once the first three merchants are successfully installed, your integration is officially tested and ready to go! All future installs will be handled by our 24/7 technical support team.

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