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Whether you’re new to accepting credit cards or are looking to switch processors, our team provides the best credit card solutions to fit your business—no matter how simple or complex your business needs are.

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Our dedication to eliminating credit card processing headaches, hassles, and hidden fees remains as steadfast as ever. We provide and integrate with a wide variety of terminal and software options, including the latest mobile and EMV solutions. READ MORE 

Do you know how much you’re really paying to accept credit cards?
Use our free effective rate calculator to find out.

Are you paying too much in credit card processing fees?

You probably get bombarded by credit card processors all the time. They promise you the lowest rates possible, but when you switch over, you might end up feeling let down. In 30 seconds, find out if you’re being overcharged by your credit card processor. First, grab your most recent processing statement. Then enter your total monthly sales and total monthly fees into our calculator .
Surprised by what you found? Often merchant service companies will hide extra costs in the fine print, not making it very clear what your actual final rates are at the end of the month. That’s pretty frustrating. At Gravity, our mission is to change the industry by providing transparent rates, no hidden fees, and not confusing you with industry jargon. We’d like to help find a way to lower your effective rate. Adjust your calculation

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Does your business accept online transactions? We’ll consult with you to provide a safe and easy eCommerce experience for you, your customers, and your clients. READ MORE 

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With such a dizzying number of point-of-sale software options, it’s hard to know where to begin. Our team walks you through your options, matching the right software and support to your specific industry, business, and situation.

Mobile phone processing credit cards

Need to accept credit card payments on the go? We have the latest mobile processing solutions to help you best serve your customers—anytime, anyplace. READ MORE 

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Build awareness for your business, encourage return visits, and decrease losses with branded gift & loyalty cards. READ MORE 

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Let Chinese consumers pay with the two apps they love most.

Stay relevant, spark word-of-mouth, and delight your customers.

ChargeItPro payment integrations

Most point-of-sale and business-management software systems don’t offer payment processing. With our simple payment integrations, though, they can.

Clients win because they save time and money on processing, while also benefiting from our 24/7 human support. POS and business software providers win because a better offering means better client loyalty. And we all win when it’s easier for independent merchants to run their businesses.

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