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Membership associations like gyms, sport leagues, clubs, unions, and guilds, more often have a desire to accept credit cards for their organization. While some companies will offer simple out of the box solutions for all the industries they serve, Gravity Payments takes a unique approach to merchant services. For example, membership dues are usually most effectively set up as recurring bill or there is sometimes a need to sell merchandise or concessions for gyms or sporting events. We look at each business independently to uncover their actual needs on top of effective and reliable payment processing. Membership associations are no different.

From integrating with online shopping carts, custom payment pages or donation fields, recurring billing for membership dues, POS systems, and even mobile payments, Gravity Payments has a large set of features and integrations to ensure you have the best possible merchant services solution.

What are some features membership associations typically want?

  • Shopping Carts
    • Often membership associations need to plug into online shopping carts in order to allow their members to login to their online accounts and manage recurring billing, donations, and more. We offer a slew of integration gateways that can fit in with nearly any online shopping cart you decide to use. For more information, click here.
  • Recurring Billing
    • A virtual terminal can be a huge help for membership associations. For example, a golf club or gym might use a virtual terminal to manage monthly membership fees. A virtual terminal will allow staff to accept payments on any internet enabled device. For more information on virtual terminals, click here.
  • POS
    • Occasionally, certain membership associations will use a POS or mobile payments system to sell merchandise or other items at events. For example, gyms might sell water bottles, rent towels or lockers, or smoothies. Gravity Payments can provide many POS systems or mobile solutions enabling your association to accept payments on the go or offline. For more information on POS, click here.

Other merchant services offered by Gravity Payments for membership associations:

*Some features not available on all equipment

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