An Interview With Gender Justice League

Embracing Diversity Part Five

Can you explain what Gender Justice League is and the work your organization does to those who may not know? At the beginning, Gender Justice League was a name change clinic helping people find parity and alignment for their identity documents. This... |

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I Chose Life

Embracing Diversity Part Four

Most don’t understand the privilege they have waking up every day with their inner and outer image aligned. To most cisgenders (people whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth), it’s unnoticeable, but as a transgender... |

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I'm Half Persian & I'm Half Normal

Embracing Diversity Part Three

The music faded away as the radio DJ’s voice flooded into the truck, “That was Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Still at the top of Canada’s 100 for the fifth week in a row.” Faraidoun turned the truck into the construction yard, and parked.... |

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Embracing Diversity

A Gravity Payments Series

When our CEO, Dan Price, made his $70,000 minimum wage announcement we were catapulted into the global spotlight. Our stories have resulted in millions of interactions and conversations since. Though we’ve been humbled by many kind words and support,... |

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What Does Diversity Mean To You?

Embracing Diversity Part Two

What Does Diversity Mean To You? We are committed to valuing and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace at Gravity where all communities and people feel safe and welcomed. Gravity encourages diversity in the areas of, but not limited to, veteran... |

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