What is Gravity Gives?

Gravity Payments strives to be a responsible and engaged community member by collaborating with local non-profits to recognize the needs of those in our communities. The Gravity Gives program exists to promote community engagement among Gravity team members and go the extra mile to make our world a better place by volunteering with local non-profits and our non-profit clients.

Gravity Gives

Annual Giving

At the end of each year, our Annual Giving Program allots each team member a dollar amount based on tenure. Each team member then gets to decide to which approved charitable cause their share will be donated to. We also increase the giving amount for those who volunteer over the course of the year. We feel this type of donation is a great opportunity for Gravity to engage with the non-profits our team members are most passionate about.

Matching Program

Our team members are encouraged to continue advocating for the causes that are important to them and we help facilitate this by offering to match employee donations to qualifying charities. Gravity matches up to $500 per employee per calendar year.

Non-Profit Processing

We understand the value of every penny for non-profits and will offer competitive pricing along with the building of a free donation page on their website. Are you a non-profit and interested in processing with us? Reach out to the email below.

Contact Us

We are extremely passionate about helping our community members in any way possible by offering our time to contribute to various causes. We organize one corporate volunteer event each month with our non-profit clients. But, we’re always excited to hear about new participation. If you’d like to know more about our Gravity Gives program or how we could contribute to your cause, get a hold of us at [email protected] or call us at 1-866-701-4700 x667.

Some of our favorite Gravity Gives moments

Tanya and her husband volunteer at Faithful Friends Mentoring Program.

Jim helped coordinate a charity event








Russel serving the community in Kaneohe



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