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Sales Representative - Boise

Fearless. Hangry. Shenanigans.

Wade’s Story

I was born on an Air Force Base in California and immediately moved to Holland where we lived for four years. Although I’ve lived in 2 foreign countries and 4 different states, I call Idaho home. I speak fluent Portuguese and am literate in Spanish.

I am an Eagle Scout and spent over 20 years in the program (mostly as a volunteer adult leader). I’ve been on well over 100 campouts, totally nearly a full year in the outdoors. Now my favorite type of camping includes room service and a continental breakfast.

I used to do taxidermy as a hobby and competed in multiple states and at the national level. At one point, I took 3rd Place at the World Championships.

I have over two decades of experience in sales and customer service. I’ve spent my career treating people by the Golden Rule and am looking forward to adding to the incredible culture you already have at Gravity.

Wade Esplin
Sales Representative - Boise

866.701.4700 x 601

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Wade Trivia

  • Favorite Food: Cheesecake. (Does that count?) Smothered Pork Barbacoa burritos from Cafe Rio is a close second.
  • Favorite Movie: American Sniper or Pitch Perfect (I know, both ends of the spectrum.)
  • Favorite Book: I liked the Jack Ryan series.
  • Hobbies:Traveling, hiking, exploring, mountain biking, and meeting new people.
  • Favorite Quote: If anyone speaks ill of you, so live your life that no one will believe them.” – Unknown
This is just one great person in Sales!

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