Team Advocates

Say hello to Lauren

Office Manager

Liz Lemon. Brown-Eyed Girl. La Croix.

Lauren’s Story

I’m from San Diego but moved up to Seattle to go to SPU. After graduating I spent a year traveling the world as a rock band photographer. I came back to Seattle on a whim looking for a little more stability and I’ve been back ever since!

If there’s anything I learned on tour it’s how to “figure it out”. If I’m tasked with something I don’t have any experience in, I learn everything I can and figure it out. I’ve learned a lot because of that, and continue to learn every day. I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned at Gravity and continue learning while I’m here!

Lauren Trivia

  • Favorite Food: Chocolate chip cookies. Such an adult.
  • Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy
  • Favorite Book: The Hungering Dark by Frederick Buechner
  • Hobbies: Photography, baking, traveling, going to concerts.
  • Favorite Quote: “Find people who will make you better.” – Michelle Obama
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