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Sales Representative - Oahu

Dance. Pizza. Surfing.

Kalani’s Story

Aloha! My name is Kalani Cuaresma! I grew up in Kaneohe, Hawaii. I went to Castle High School and also have a BA in Finance from Shidler Business School at The University of Hawaii at Manoa. I worked for Bank of Hawaii for three years before Gravity.

I played the trumpet throughout high school and was a brass section leader. I also played in the marching band my freshman year at University of Hawaii. In college, I found my passion for dancing and asked the director of the UH dance team if he would be willing to add men to the team. I danced for the UH dance team for three years and met my wife on the dance team!

I live on a small island, so I’ve always had the desire to explore the rest of the world. I’ve had the privilege to travel to Japan, Paris, and England while in high school. I think that those trips really opened my eyes to how big the world really is.

More recently, I’ve have been to the Philippines to help a non profit, The Aria Children’s Fund. We installed water filtration systems to various communities and provided hygiene education. I think that this made me realize how blessed I am to have just the basic necessities.

Growing up in Hawaii, we’re lucky enough to live in a very diverse culture. Gravity also has a very diverse group of people. When I went up for training my first week working with Gravity, I knew it would be a great fit. Though sometimes we have our differences, we all come together and work for a common goal to serve our clients.

Kalani Cuaresma
Sales Representative - Oahu


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Kalani Trivia

  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Movie: Kill Bill
  • Favorite Book: Harry Potter series
  • Hobbies: Surfing. You can find me at Diamond Head at the break of dawn before work!
  • Favorite Quote: “Never, never, never give up!” – Winston Churchill
  • Favorite Gravity Merchant: Banan. This company is run by three guys all in their 20s. They sell soft serve ice cream, but with a twist. It’s made from frozen bananas! They have a food truck and a location across from the University of Hawaii. Check them out!  
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