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Baseball. Mac & Cheese. Cheeseburgers.

Jen’s Story

Born and raised in Seattle, got my bartending chops at Louie’s Cuisine of China in Ballard and have spent the last 8.5 yrs working at Sand Point Grill in NE Seattle. My husband and I got married in September of 2018 after 11.5 yrs of dating, but I think we’re still considered newlyweds. We spent our honeymoon in Peru and Costa Rica, which was an incredible adventure. We have an Australian Kelie/Pitbull, Manny, and an 11-year-old cat named Riggs. I’ve spent half of my life in the restaurant business and am excited at the prospect of having a more traditional schedule. I’m a true 90’s kid at heart and have a love for most things that came from the ’90s and early ’00s. Fun facts: my husband and I are total Pearl Jam nerds. I love food, and eating is my number 1 hobby. I have an older brother (he’s ok) and a younger sister (who is the funniest person on the planet). I’m really excited to open this chapter and meet my new team at Gravity!

Having spent 16 years in the restaurant business, I know what managers and owners are looking for, not just in a product but in a vendor as well.

Jen Hoeper
Union Specialist

866.701.4700 x 537

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Jen Trivia

  • Favorite Food: All of them — specifically pizza, tacos, ice cream, dill pickles
  • Favorite Movie: Tie between Dumb and Dumber and Forrest Gump. I also love the Back to the Future series, anything with Jim Carrey or Robin Williams, and adaptations of Stephen King novels!
  • Favorite Book: Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
  • Hobbies: Eating. Concerts. Travel.
  • Favorite Quote: “The only true legacy you can leave behind is the way you made people feel.” 
This is just one great person in Sales!

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